About Fat Cat Rods

The foundation of Fat Cat Rods began many years ago in Steve Weber’s home garage located deep in the hills of Northwest Georgia. Always tinkering with his favorite hobby, Steve developed a passion for classic Hot Rod fabrication and wanted to see how far he could take it. 

Using a custom k-member and American Stamping Rails, Steve started building custom chassis from the ground up. As he perfected the quality of these custom built chassis, the orders began increasing until he decided to take his side project to the next level.  Fat Cat Rods was established in November of 2006 as a one-man chassis fabrication operation. 

Since its establishment, Fat Cat Rods has grown into a mainstay in the classic automobile manufacturing scene. But the passion that Steve and his team have for classic cars hasn’t diminished. They still pride themselves on producing top-quality classic hot rods and maintaining a personable rapport with customers and fellow hot rod enthusiasts. 

With the help of their valued distributors, Fat Cat Rods uses only the best parts available in classic automobile production. In addition to in-house custom chassis work, Fat Cat Rods also produces rollers and fully functional turnkey hot rods. They offer 1932, 1933, 1937, & 1940 Fords in most body styles. All models are available as rollers, painted rollers, turnkeys, or at any point of production that the customer requests.